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Leadership model

Basic Program Information

  • Agency-wide development program for GS 11-12 civil servants with at least 1 year of experience with NASA, term or permanent employees
  • 1 year part-time program, including 4 training modules, shadowing of senior leaders, group projects, and individual development
  • 40 participants max
  • Addresses the personal effectiveness, business acumen, and leading people dimensions of the NASA Leadership Model
    Leadership Model
    Assessments of leadership skills
  Program Outcomes
Participants will:
  • Have an increased awareness of self, others, and the Agency
  • Have a broader understanding of what it means to work for NASA
  • Possess an increased understanding of what it means to be a fully functioning team member and leader
  • Have a greater understanding of personal influence skills and how to use those skills effectively for NAS
  • Be part of a cadre of future NASA leaders who will be inspired, motivated, and eager to play a vital role in the future of NASA

How to Apply

Selections for the NASA FIRST program are conducted at the center-level and submitted to the Agency each September. Please contact your Center Training Office for additional details and specifics on the center application and selection process.


Program Application Forms:

  • NASA FIRST - Agency Leadership Development Program Application
  • NASA FIRST - Agency Leadership Development Program Supplemental Application

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A Class Project - "The Fort"

Picture of symbolic fort - result of first class's class project

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