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NASA’s Mid-Level Leader Program

Welcome to NASA’s Mid-Level Leader Program – the Agency’s leadership development program for GS 13-14 engineering, science, and administrative professionals.

The Office of Human Capital Management (OHCM) recognizes the critical role of the NASA mid-level leader in accomplishing the Agency’s mission. This program provides significant leadership development for a diverse, Agency-wide group of individuals who have high potential for assuming greater leadership responsibilities in formal management or program/project management roles.

Basic Program Information

  • Sixteen (16) month Agency-wide development program for GS 13-14 civil servants with at least two years of NASA service.
  • Participants will take part in four core learning sessions, a three to six month career-broadening rotation, mentoring sessions with respected NASA leaders, professional coaching sessions, and other IDP driven developmental activities. Activities are spread out over the 16 months in order to provide maximum flexibility for the participant and the supervisor and in order to maintain continuity with the current Center.
  • Addresses the personal effectiveness, business acumen, managing information and knowledge, and leading and managing others dimensions of the NASA Leadership Model.
Leadership Model
Assessments of leadership skills

Program Outcomes

Participants will:

  • Enhance self-awareness and personal effectiveness in critical NASA leadership skills, including communication, trust building, influence, diversity and inclusion, decision making, and leading/managing change.
  • Build teamwork, collaboration, and communication across traditional boundaries, including Centers, programs, projects, civil servants/contractors, as well as generations.
  • Expand understanding of NASA, including Agency-wide issues and their impact on NASA’s mission.
  • Apply learning for greater success in current responsibilities and during a rotation, as well as in the future.
  • Build professional relationships within an Agency-wide cohort of high-potential individuals, as well as with mentors and respected leaders throughout the Agency.

How to Apply

Nominations for the NASA Mid-Level Leader Program are conducted at the center-level. The Center will establish a due date for applications and interviews. Applications from the Centers are due to the Agency in September. An Agency panel will conduct interviews for the final selections for the program in November. Please contact your Center Training Office for additional details and specifics on the center application and nomination process.

Program Application Form

The MLLP – Agency Leadership Development Program Application and the MLLP – Agency Leadership Development Program Supplemental Application (for supervisory endorsement) can be accessed through NASA Electronic Forms by searching NEF (NASA Forms Only), form number 1789 and form number 1789a.

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